How You Can Help a Pilgrim Writer

When the Pilgrims arrived in America, they were woefully unprepared for life in a new land. Short on supplies, and with a skill set that belonged in another culture, they suffered a devastating winter that cut their numbers severely.

Enter the native Americans. Already acclimated to the New World, and successful at surviving, they had no need for the Pilgrims. Yet they shared their knowledge, skills, and food willingly with the newcomers who arrived from over the sea.

And the first Thanksgiving feast was a celebration of that community of generosity.

I'm a writing pilgrim. Four years ago, I landed in the world of publishing with little idea of what I was getting into. Few of the skills I possessed would transfer to a writing career, and the only supplies I brought were a desire to write and a computer.

Along the way, so many "natives" have given their time and energy to keep me from giving up. Authors, agents, editors. Writing books, blogs, giving workshops, leading critique groups. Successful people who don't need to share what they've learned. But they do it anyway. I've learned from each one, and hope that even now I can give back to other "pilgrims" just arriving.

So,  on Thanksgiving Day, I'm giving thanks to all those who help us newbies get acclimated to the world of writing. And then I'll go make some pies.

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