Agent Friday: Suzie Townsend

I have to say that Suzie Townsend just went up several notches in my estimation. Why?

She says that the synopsis is evil.

Don't believe me? Check out her post, The Dreaded Synopsis, and read all the gory details for yourself. I like that she explains why the synopsis actually has a purpose, and she shares how to "attack" your own synopsis.

Suzie Townsend is an agent at Fine Print Literary Management. Her blog is a collaborative effort with two others in the business. Meredith Barnes, assistant to literary agent Janet Reid, and literary agent Joanna Stampel Volpe, with Nancy Coffey Literary Agency.

Some of the blog posts you may enjoy:

Waiting is a huge part of a writer's life. But agents do a lot of waiting, too. Read all about it in On Waiting.

Suzie Townsend's tips on How to Query. And if you get a chance to pitch to an agent in person, get prepared by reading  If You're Going to Pitch to An Agent. If you meet an agent at a conference, you probably wonder how aggressive versus friendly you should be. And if you should hand the agent a business card. Suzie answers these questions in Writing Conference 101.

Before querying, it's important to know where your book will fit in the market. Check out Know Thy Genre/Category Classification to help figure it out.

Young Adult (YA) books are hot right now. Do you wonder if your book might fit into that classification? You're not alone. Read The YA Query to see if you're a match.

Do you wonder if agents ever get tired of reading? It happens sometimes. Check out this post: Because there's only one main problem with working with books.

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