The Master Plan

Since no one wants to waste their time on a blog just about me, I'll give you an idea what to expect if you drop by.

I'm lining up weekly interviews with homeschooling moms who are published or pre-published. The idea is to encourage all writing homeschool moms that there is time (somewhere) in their day or week (or month!) to write. If you are a mom who is willing to be interviewed (even though you don't have all the answers), contact me through my profile.

It's amazing how much information is out there on writing. I just typed in "writing" on Google, and there are 337,000,000 results! Of course, most of those links would be useless to you.

In the past two years, I've found quite a few sites that have been very helpful. I'm all about frugality, so if I can learn something for free, I'm a happy mom.

My plan is to post a series of links every Wednesday. I'll have links to helpful writers groups, critique groups, contests, freelance writing opportunities, free ebooks, the best blogs, and books to read.

Don't Forget the Kids
Even though we're trying to write, we want to encourage our kids to do the same. I'll post ideas for getting your kids excited about writing, and include some fun writing prompts. I'll also highlight writing curriculum for homeschoolers.

Tip of the Week
Each week, check back for a new creative way to make time to write. Some may not work for your situation, but they'll hopefully inspire you to find a few minutes in your week.

Writing Samples
As the blog gains some readers, I'd love to post a "writing sample of the week" from aspiring homeschool writer moms. It's a great way to get some exposure and feedback. If you'd like to submit a sample, contact me through my profile.

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  1. This girl is absolutely great! She is a fantastic wife and mother of four, homeschool teacher to all her children, beautiful, unbelievably sweet and caring to all she meets, a patient, wise counselor to many, and a very talented woman who seems to be able to juggle 95 things at once. Of course we are a little biased--we are her Dad and Mom.



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