Your New Writing Year

I made a batch of pancakes for my kids this morning. It's tradition. I use pancake batter to form their initials and the grade they're starting, we open the new school supplies, and take pictures. We've done this for years.

It got me thinking about my 'new year' as a writer. September is a great time to reevaluate where I am. Like my daughter's plate of pancakes in the picture, it shows who she is and where she's going.

Who am I as a writer? What are my goals this year, and what do I hope to accomplish by the time summer blows my schedule to bits?

I thought about these things last year, and wrote a post Back to School, Back to Writing. I hope it encourages you.

How is the new school year affecting you as a writer?


  1. We're not in school yet, but today I scored cheap notebooks at Target (10 cents a piece on clearance to make room for Halloween stuff). I'm using those clearance supplies to share at a church retreat where I'm going to do a short writing workshop. That's a wonderful tradition with the pancakes and very thoughtful.

  2. I do like that pancake tradition! It makes me happy.

    My most immediate goal is to finish the manuscript I'm currently working on. A little longer-term, I hope to release it in all formats (self-published, as I don't expect any publisher/agent to pick it up - the audience is waaaay too specific) by Hallowe'en of next year.

    I'm on track!

  3. Stacy: that sounds like a great workshop! What a good idea.

    S.M.: I have no doubt you're on track. I could set my watch by you!


  4. I love your pancake tradition! My "back to school" tradition with my kids is to take a "second day of school" picture. It was meant to be a first day of school picture, but we always seem to forget!

    As for writing goals, I really want to the revisions of my novel (a summer goal that never got off the ground) by the end of September.

  5. A great tradition, and a great goal, Andrea!




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