"I'm a Failed Writer" Video Series

Thanks to the blog of Robin Lee Hatcher, I found a funny and encouraging video series by writer Yuvi Zalkow.

I'm a Failed Writer #1-Revisions

Episode 1: Revisions (I'm A Failed Writer Series) from Yuvi Zalkow on Vimeo.

I'm a Failed Writer #2-Time Management
Episode 2: Time Management (I'm A Failed Writer Series) from Yuvi Zalkow on Vimeo.

I'm a Failed Writer #3-Bucket Writing
Episode 3: Bucket Writing (I'm A Failed Writer Series) from Yuvi Zalkow on Vimeo.

I'm a Failed Writer #4-Failed Book Trailer
NOT IN MY LIFETIME Book Trailer from Yuvi Zalkow on Vimeo.

 Other Zalkow videos to check out:

I'm a Failed Writer #5-Writing in the Cold
Balancing Writing and Marketing

The Coolness of Scrivener

Desk Envy: Making a Creative Space

Writing a Novel When Busy

Serious Creative Writing With a Computer

What aspect of the writing life most brings on feelings of failure for you? The actual writing? Time management? Finding an agent or publisher? Marketing?


  1. My time management today doesn't allow for me to watch all of thise right now. Fun resource to put on my list for later.

  2. You're being so wise with your time! I've watched just a few of them, since I'm battling a migraine today. Maybe tomorrow.


  3. I really liked the Time Management one! We've recently had a new child enter the house and although I am beginning to sneak in the writing time more often than not I feel too emotionally drained to make the most of it. I've often wondered if anyone has any tips for how to refuel the mind so when the tiny slots of time are available one is able to make the most of it and not just flake out?

  4. I hear you, Penny. With my gang, it's really hard to find the time. If you can at least keep your story in mind during the mundane tasks of life, you might find you're able to reconnect when you have a few minutes to write.

    I leave myself voicemails if I'm in the car, and I have a notepad in my purse and by the bed. You might also enjoy a guest post from a fellow blogger about time management. Go up to the 'looking for a post' section on the right and type 'bullseye'. It was really helpful for me.


  5. Thanks for the good ideas.

    I tried typing bullseye and it came up with no results. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?


  6. Sorry about that, Penny. Here's the link: http://bit.ly/hKoCP4

    Hope it encourages you!




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