Book Review: How to Publish Your Novel: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publisher Say Yes, by Ken Atchity

 It takes new writers years of trolling blogs and websites to feel they've begun to master a knowledge of the publishing industry.

After more than four decades in publishing, and years in the entertainment industry, Ken Atchity calls himself a 'story merchant'. With How to Publish Your Novel: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publisher Say Yes, he gives new writers an easy way to get a grasp on how the publishing industry works.

In twelve chapters, he and fellow authors Andrea Mckeown, Julie Mooney, and Margaret O'Connor share the basics of publishing, how to get a novel published, and how to build a writing career.

Topics covered are:
*creating an effective submission package
*pinpointing the best publishers for your writing
*identifying your ideal agents
*avoiding new writer mistakes
*an eight-step system to get your novel published
*how to promote your novel

The book concludes with an extensive list of definitions for publishing industry terms, and a long resource list of books, websites and periodicals for writers.

Find out more about Ken Atchity at his website, and his writing coach site, The Story Merchant.

Where do you feel you fall on the spectrum? Just starting to learn, or a seasoned veteran? How long did it take, and what resources helped you acquire the knowledge you have?


  1. Oh, I am such a "noob," as they say. And I've been trying to get published for, I think, two years. Something like that.

    Though I have a better grasp of what's going on, I still feel like I'm swimming in circles!

  2. The difficult thing is that information is constantly changing! It's hard to keep up.




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