Organize Your Goals With a Free Tool: Workflowy

On Mondays, we've been talking about goals for the year. Tuesday's post was a practical way to get yourself to write, even on busy days. Today, I'll share a free online tool you can use to keep track of the goals you make. It's called Workflowy.

Workflowy is basically an online list, set up like an outline. The user has the ability to collapse or expand the list, so no matter how many notes are made, the list is still manageable. There is a general video on the first page of the website, but if you go ahead and sign up for the free service, you can view a more detailed video that explains how to use it.

Users don't need any special skills for Workflowy--except the ability to type. I'm using Workflowy to list my monthly writing goals. The service allows me to break down my goals into smaller, more manageable pieces, and as I accomplish them, I can "cross them off" the list.

I plan to make more Workflowy lists: one for each writing project, and lists for other responsibilities I have. Let's face it: the non-writing activities in our lives can dominate our time and overwhelm our creativity. Keeping track of important non-writing tasks actually gives us the freedom to write when we know we've managed our time well.

How do you manage the tasks in your life?

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