Book Review: The Indie Author Guide: Self-Publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use

Self-publishing has taken another huge leap forward. With the advent of Google eBooks, independent authors have more options than ever. However, navigating those options can be dizzying. Writers need an experienced guide to avoid the scams and pitfalls that await. 

April L. Hamilton is the guide writers need. Her book, The Indie Author Guide: Self-Publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use, will give independent authors the confidence to bring their words to the world.

The creator of the self-publishing community Publetariat (a site you must bookmark if you're considering self-publishing), and a member of the board of directors for the Association of Independent Authors, Hamilton has published several books on her own. It's not surprising that Writers Digest Books tapped her to write The Indie Author Guide.

The twelve chapters in the book cover the basics of indie authorship, including common misperceptions and the difference between an independent publisher and a vanity publisher.

Even writers who don't plan on self-publishing will learn from the chapter on "Getting Organized". This is the first writing book I've come across that takes the time to give tips on "hard drive housekeeping" and "email housekeeping". With all the drafts, critiques, and contacts writers generate, keeping track of everything is important.

Other chapters include branding, publishing options, formatting your book, and editing and revising. Hamilton even includes a tutorial for designing your own cover, and the how-tos of uploading your work for print-on-demand or ebooks. She also includes chapters on platform, promotion, and how to go mainstream, if that's part of the writer's plan.

For me, the best part of the book is the worksheets in the appendix. Authors can keep track of every aspect of income and expense. Hamilton includes charts to help writers compare prices from multiple publishing houses. To make it easier for writers, she's posted the worksheets on her Indie Author website for free download. Traditionally published writers will find some of these sheets useful.

To keep up with the latest in self-publishing, check the Publetariat site, and Hamilton's blog. Another great blog is J. A. Konrath's Newbie's Guide to Publishing.

What do you think of your chances of self-publishing success?


  1. Debbie -
    Thanks so much for your wonderful review! I'm glad you're finding the book and its companion site informative, and that you like Publetariat as well.

  2. You're welcome, April. It's a great book!


  3. Sounds like a good one, Debbie. If I don't get bites on my memoir after a while, I might consider this avenue again. :)

  4. It's becoming a better option than ever these days, though I think you won't have too much trouble enticing someone with your writing!




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